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This text is prepared and designed for the training of Finance and Commerce Graduates who are looking for Job in Accounts and Finance profession. Especially those graduates who are not aware of practical approach & unaware of Accounting Softwares used in several organizations. Now a days, every Accounts and Finance graduate should have skill to operate accounting software. So, this training will help you out a lot in understanding the practical approach of business and its operations and how accounting software would help you to carry out your job effectively and efficiently. Consequently, your career growth will go on right pace.

  1. Introduction

  2. About QuickBooks

  3. Basic Accounting Principle

  4. Start QuickBooks

    1. What information is required before they set up a QuickBooks file

    2. How to start a new company data file in QuickBooks (Express Start and Advanced

      Setup formerly called the Easy Step Interview)

  5. Understanding the Environment of Q.B

  6. General Ledger (G/L) Module

    1. Planning the Chart of Accounts

    2. Creating Accounts and Subaccounts

    3. Working with Accounts

  7. Inventory Module

    1. Create Item List and Sub-Items (i.e. Inventory Part, Non-Inventory Part, Services,

      Other Charge, Sub-Item and Sales Tax etc.)

    2. Add / Edit Multiple Items

    3. Unit of Measure

    4. Purchases Orders

    5. Sales Orders

    6. Received Inventory with / without Bill

    7. Adjust Inventory due to Shrinkage, Theft and Lost by Fire and rectify inventory

      entries etc.

    8. Find a previous inventory adjustment

  8. Customer / Account Receivable Module

    1. Customer Information (Customer Center, Add New Customer & Job, Delete, Edit &

      Merge Customer, Add / Edit Multiple Customers)

    2. Invoicing Customers (Estimates or Quotations, Create Invoice, void or delete an

      invoice, Credit Memo, Print Customer Invoice, Access Finance Charge etc.)

    3. Customer Payments (Sales Receipt, Receive Payment against Invoice, Payment Received in Advance, Allow Discounts & Credits, Refunds & Bad Debts, Receive


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