Become A Instructor

Earn A Living

Every time a student enrolls in your course, you earn. Create your course and start earning on monthly basis.

Empower Students

Help students excel in their respective field, empower the students to reach the pinnacle of their abilities and in turn help your country.

Create Your Following

As an instructor, you can inspire your students through your engagement with them. The bigger your following, the more marketable your courses will be.

Exceptional Opportunities
Become part of the most exciting times in Pakistan. Learning in Pakistan is about change

Create Your Course

Three steps to create your course

  1. Create your content
  2. Record your video
  3. Build your community

Create Your Content
  1. Determine what is your niche of knowledge? What success recipe do you want to share with the world. Choose a topic that you excel in and are ready to teach.
  2. Choose how you want to teach, through Excel, Google Docs or your favorite notebook.
  3. Teach the way you want using a mix of lectures, quizzes, videos and much more

For more information please consult the “Course Quality Checklist”

Record Your Video
  1. Don’t have a DSLR, no problem. Use the power of your smart phone to record your lecture videos. Although we recommend a DSLR, but not having one shouldn’t stop you from sharing your knowledge and earning right away.

Camera shy? No worries. Use screen casting software to screen cast your lectures.

Build your community

Create quizzes, assignments, work sheets and much more to make your lectures more interactive. Use your creativity to write welcome notes, intro to courses and even create an interactive Question and answer session to improve your connectivity with your students. What’s more is, you can even teach in multiple languages to increase the reach of your content.

Don’t worry about loosing track of what you are doing, that is what we are here for, the instructor dashboard and curriculum pages would keep you up to date with your activities.