Course Quality Checklist

ONAJAH Course Quality Checklist

If you want to create a course on ONAJAH, you will have to follow certain minimum course requirements

The Most Comprehensive Course Should Have

  • A minimum of 30 minutes of video content
  • A minimum of 3 separate lectures of 10 minutes each
  • Educational content with maximum clarity
  • HD video quality (720p or 1080p)*
  • Audio should be synced with the video.
  • Audio and video should not have any distractions.
Your course landing page is complete only when

  • Instructors profile picture along with his/her complete profile information.
  • A complete course description for the students to understand.
  • What will the students learn? What are the benefits of enrolling in the course? Who should take this course?
  • A to-the-point course description. Do not sell your course rather talk about the benefits of the course for the students.
  • A well thought of course title.
  • An infographic course image with a minimum of 2048x1152 pixel requirement.

What Makes A Course Attractive For The Students?
There are many things that students will judge your course on before giving their reviews to their peers or help you increase your following. Remember that the students are paying you with their hard earned money. They need the best value their money can buy them. They need to walk away learning at the end of the course. Their learning experience should be of the utmost professionalism.
Students will judge you on your professionalism throughout the duration of the course. Its audio and video quality and their learning experience. Audio and video quality matters just as much as professionalism does.
When taking your course, students judge professionalism on

If your audio quality is not good, students will have a difficult time learning. Same is true for the video quality as well.

  • Your audio should have no background distractions.
  • It should be free of echo
  • Pronounce your words clearly
  • Use a pop filter for the best audio quality

The quality of your video is just as important. Here are some tips for you to deliver the best quality video.

  • DSLR camera will give you the best results
  • Quality Lighting matters as well. Make sure that they can see you clearly
  • The video should not have any other person onscreen who is not relevant to the course

If the students do not have a good learning experience, even the best of the video and audio quality will not make up for it. So make sure that you give your students the best possible learning experience.


Here are a few tips for delivering the best learning experience.

  • Create a few minute introductory video of the course.
  • Clearly tell them what they will be learning at each step.
  • Get them engaged right from the beginning of the course. Be specific rather than talking about irrelevant matters. Come to the point directly.
  • For each lecture make sure that the title of the lecture describes what they can expect to learn.
  • Define the concepts of the lecture in the beginning of each lecture.
  • Each section has at least 1 learning activity, such as an exercise, project, or quiz to give students a chance to apply what they’ve learned
  • Be pleasant throughout your lecture. Smile as much as you can. Students learn more wen they are comfortable with the instructor. Create that comfort level onscreen.
  • Give your students links, websites and other relevant references so they can do their research and increase their knowledge in their free time.
  • Create practice exercises early in the lecture so your students remain engaged.

Create A Buzz About The Course You Will Be Teaching

  • Tell your friends and family in advance about your course.
  • Send emails and update your social media accounts about the course.
  • Provide the link to ONAJAH in all your messages.
  • Send a few minute introduction video to your contacts in your phone and email.
  • Give free access to your course to a selected few people. This will create a buzz and will attract more students.