Courses Info

What you will learn

1.Basic concepts SAP & ERP, Master Data Concept, Lead Concept etc.

2.Basic Navigation in SAP Business One

3.Modes in SAP Business One

4.How to Search a data in SAP Business One

5.Business Partners Master Data (With Basic Configuration)

6.Item Master Data (With Basic Configuration)


Purchase- A/P Process

1.Purchase Quotation

2.Purchase Order

3.Goods Receipt PO / GRN / MRN

4.Goods Return

5.A/P Invoice

6.A/P Credit Memo

7.Outgoing Payment / Account Payable Payment


Sales- A/R Process

1.Sales Quotation

2.Sales Order

3.Delivery Note / Delivery Challan

4.Sales Return

5.A/R Invoice

6.A/R Credit Memo

7.Incoming Payment / Accounts Receivable Payment


Sales- A/R Extended

1.Managing Documents in draft

2. Allow and Restrict Partial Delivery

3. Creating Purchase order from sales order

4. Invoice booking Using Service Layout

5. Cash Invoice (Invoice + Payment)

6. Redeliveries

7. Draw Document Wizard

8. A/R down Payment Invoice

9. A/R Reserve Invoice

10. Independent A/R Invoice and Its effect on Books of Accounts

11. Sales Reports

Purchase - A/P Extended

1. Managing Documents in Drafts in A/P Module

2. Creating Single Target document from multiple base documents in A/P and A/R Module

3. Concept of “Available and in stock Quantity” and its effects on Inventory management

4. A/P down Payment Invoice

5. A/P Reserve Invoice

6. A/P Invoice Booking using Service Layout

7. Purchase Reports


Business Partners


1.Business Partner Master Data

2.Business Partners Default Configurations

3.Overview of payment terms and dunning procedures

4.Activities Management

5.Business Partner reports


Sales Opportunities

1.How to deal with Sales Opportunities in SAP Business One

2.Converting Lead into Customer

3.Sales Opportunities Reports


Item & Inventory Management

1.Difference between Item and Inventory (Concept)

2.Item Master Data (With full configuration)

3.Bar codes in Item Master data


Item Management

1.Item Management with Serial Numbers

2.Item Management with Batches

3.Alternate Items

4.Inventory Valuation Methods (FIFO, Moving Average and Standard)


Inventory transactions

1.Goods Receipts

2.Goods Issue

3.Inventory Transfer Request

4.Inventory Transfer

5.Inventory Counting Transactions

6.Inventory Revaluation

7.Inventory Cycle


Pricing & Price List

1.Basic Price List in SAP Business one

2.Period and Volume Discount

3.Discount Groups

4.Special Prices for Business Partners

Courses syllabus
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