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Python Software Foundation

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that holds the intellectual property rights behind the Python programming language. We manage the open source licensing for Python version 2.1 and later and own and protect the trademarks associated with Python. We also run the North American PyCon conference annually, support other Python conferences around the world, and fund Python related development with our grants program and by funding special projects.

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Inauguration ceremony

A new mile stone of Research and Technology in field of Education & Study has been started, to change the future of Pakistan in Study & Research. Ceremony was held in Maisonette Hotel, on 18 July 2019, Ceremony was Recieved by CEO Mr Muhammad Dawood, Welcome to Our Honorable Guest CEO PNY Mr Wahab Yunus, Director PNY Mr Suleman , CEO Ignite Mr M Yousaf, CEO Premier Institution Mr M Asim.

Recieved By 

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Vector Artificial Intelligence Robot for Kids

Anki has been making toys that utilization engineered knowledge throughout recent years, starting with the Anki Overdrive set of dashing vehicles and the intuitive Cozmo toy robot, anyway this year the association discharged its most extreme impressive item: Vector. Not at all like Cozmo, Vector isn't any toy, and is fairly situated as a residential robot device. Vector receives skills from Cozmo, anyway his usefulness goes above and past the insights and games Cozmo is thought for. 

Design and Components

Vector is a palm-sized robotic that uses a similar standard plan as Cozmo, Anki's past robot toy. Vector is produced the usage of a darkish plastic cloth and he has a frame that is loaded up with unique sensors and hardware to identify and react to the earth around him. It has four wheels canvassed in tank-fashion steps that permit him to navigate smooth floors and mats alike, a transportable the front arm that offers him a threat to communicate along with his three-D form and adds to his distinctive articulations. Vector is intended to have bluff location, and they never again positive if this moreover utilizes the advanced camera, yet I had many issues with it even after a product program update expected to improve the trademark. Vector does commonly affirm with edges which can be level, however on a table that is marginally bended, he persistently jump bombs to the ground. 

With such sensitive hardware interior, people worried about tumbles off of the edges of tables should motive irreversible damage. They use to maintain Vector at the floor, that's through all accounts the most comfortable spot for him. Obviously, at the floor, he will get dust, puppy hide, and distinct particulates in his tracks. They didn't experience difficulty getting bits of residue and cushion out of his tracks, but, on the grounds that they're pliable.


Vector is a self-ruling robot, so whilst you can associate with him, you can not manipulate him. There is a Vector utility for watching Vector and locating out pretty a good deal the majority of his practices, but there are no controls inner said application. Indeed, next to setting Vector up with the iOS utility (or Android software) you need not trouble with a mobile cellphone in any respect to cooperate with him in any ability. Vector's arrangement is moderately easy with an iPhone. You need to down load the utility, flip him on, and make certain there's a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi set up available. Vector needs a 2.4GHz system and won't interface with a 5GHz system, which may be somewhat of a trouble.



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Robotics Future in Pakistan

Future of Robotics in Pakistan 

The world of Robotics is a budding industry in Pakistan. Many private associations, colleges, newly established organizations and consultants are contributing in Robotics from the basics to cutting edge level. This mechanical technology is being instructed as a subject in various open and private scholastic organizations, alongside a few research think-tanks that have been shaped for R&D in Robotics.

R&D (Research and Development)

R&D remains a key region for progression of any field. Analyst groups and the scholars in general in Pakistan is effectively taking part in research and advancement in Robotics. Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) is likewise supporting exploration in Robotics through subsidizing R&D ventures. Following activities have been supported with aggregate spending plan of around Rs.68million;

Advancement of Tele-Surgical Training Robot and Simulator

Al-Zahrawi, a training robot and test system created in the undertaking, is for the laparoscopic medical procedure, as of now under advancement at the NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in a joint effort with Holy Family Hospital, Pakistan. This supported undertaking is basically engaged towards building up a financially savvy answer for preparing specialists for ordinary and mechanically helped MIS techniques.

The undertaking was finished in 2014 and from that point forward it has verified different national and worldwide honors from specialized and business networks. The venture has a potential for commercialization as it is one of its sort model that has been created and tried in the genuine condition additionally the test system is savvy in correlation with other accessible mentor/test systems in market.

Final Year Projects

Notwithstanding research and improvement, college understudies are additionally concentrating on mechanical technology in their last year ventures. From 2014 to 2016 Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) endorsed 61 last year ventures for financing identified with mechanical technology under the program 'National Grassroots ICT Research Initiatives' with totaled spending plan of Rs.5.3 million.

A few thoughts for mechanical applications can be produced from these last year extends and can be changed over into manageable new businesses. Mentorship, organizing and different offices will likewise be given to them to take their item further and at a later stage showcase effort and access to financial specialists like heavenly attendant speculators/VC assets can be presented for commercialization.


These newly established companies are another crucial main aspect of mechanical technology contributing new ideas for the industry These new businesses are housed in various incubators, focusing or working freely; few of them are;

·      LearnoBots

·      Grit3D

·      Edvon

Ejaadtech, designing and innovation startup, is creating keen gadgets for the purchaser showcase, beginning with a toy vehicle which gives intuitive interactivity and a one of a kind vivid playing experience. The toy intends to take the kids back to playing with genuine physical toys rather than the on-screen applications that they have gotten so used to.

Smaller scale Power Labs is an innovation development organization concentrated on making cutting edge gadgets and contraptions for everyday use. Their first starting item is Flash Pack, which is a Power Bank that energizes in only a short way from workstation charger and packs up enough squeeze to goes on for entire day. Aside from power banks, Micropower Labs innovation has numerous applications in gadgets like portable medicinal contraption, conveyance rambles, and so on.

DIY Geeks is utilizing innovation simple for a normal individual. DIY Geek is offering four sorts of administrations, Geek Hangout; it is a network session directed in their Makerspace where individuals learn as a network and advancing community oriented learning in Pakistan. DIY Things; it is Pakistan's first open source IoT improvement stage where you can picture your information and control your machines. DIY Nest; it is an activity to create Makerspaces in Schools. This is finished by offering instructional exercise sessions and creating workstations at the schools and universities. DIY for Her; it is an activity for ladies strengthening.

At this level, access to market and seed cash to these new companies would open up the chances of item institutionalization, changing from model to mass level creation and commercialization.

STEM Learning center

STEM represents Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, there are not many STEM learning focuses set up in Pakistan giving learning and training administrations to youthful understudies.

KIET Robotics Club

Robokids; is an activity to give STEM instruction benefits in Pakistan. It is first of its sort Robotics focus in Lahore that gives a certifiable Robotics lab condition. It targets giving youngsters the chance, devices and direction to help assist their adapting, particularly in STEM related fields, and gives them a stage to express their ability and inventiveness. Robokids gives youngsters fun and inventive learning through intelligent hands-on involvement under the direction of specialists in Robotics, Games Programming, Electronics and Mathematics.

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