Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

The Q&A serves as a forum where students can engage each other and the instructor in conversations about the course content, and instructors can reinforce material that's been covered.

Instructors – Detailed Guidelines

  • DO encourage your students to interact with each other.
  • DO answer questions politely and in a timely manner.
  • DON’T post rude, aggressive, or threatening comments.
  • DON’T use the Q&A for promotion; posting coupon codes, promotional external links,links to other Onajah courses, any sort of marketing messages or references to thesame are prohibited.
  • DON’T ask for or post personal information about students.

Students – Detailed Guidelines

  • DO ask and answer questions politely.
  • DO engage in discussions with students and the instructor.
  • DON’T post rude, aggressive, or threatening comments.

When an instructor is clearly going against the spirit of Onajah policies in an attempt to game the system or if we see a severe negative impact on the student experience (high unsubscribe rates or refund rates) it will be considered a violation of our policies.