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Introduction to Python
3000 Rs

What you'll learn

Learn to use Python professionally, learning both Python 2 and Python 3!

Create games with Python, like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack!

Learn advanced Python features, like the collections module and how to work with timestamps!

Learn to use Object Oriented Programming with classes!

Understand complex topics, like decorators.

Understand how to use both the Jupyter Notebook and create .py files

Get an understanding of how to create GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system!

Build a complete understanding of Python from the ground up!



  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.




This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for the Python programming language on Onajah.com Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! 

This course will teach you Python in a practical manner, with every lecture comes a full coding screencast and a corresponding code notebook! Learn in whatever manner is best for you!

We will start by helping you get Python installed on your computer, regardless of your operating system, whether its Linux, MacOS, or Windows, we've got you covered!

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Command Line Basics
  • Installing Python
  • Running Python Code
  • Strings
  • Lists 
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Number Data Types
  • Print Formatting
  • Functions
  • Scope
  • args/kwargs
  • Built-in Functions
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Modules
  • External Modules
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • File I/O
  • Advanced Methods
  • Unit Tests
  • and much more!


So what are you waiting for? Learn Python in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.
  • Programmers switching languages to Python.
  • Intermediate Python programmers who want to level up their skills!
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Problem Solving
0 Rs
What You Will Learn 
  • Define common ML terms
  • Describe examples of products that use ML and general methods of ML problem-solving used in each
  • Identify whether to solve a problem with ML
  • Compare and contrast ML to other programming methods
  • Apply hypothesis testing and the scientific method to ML problems
  • Have conversations about ML problem-solving methods

Course Description 

ln basic terms, ML is the process of training a piece of software, called a model, to make useful predictions using a data set. This predictive model can then serve up predictions about previously unseen data. We use these predictions to take action in a product; for example, the system predicts that a user will like a certain video, so the system recommends that video to the user.

Often, people talk about ML as having two paradigms, supervised and unsupervised learning. However, it is more accurate to describe ML problems as falling along a spectrum of supervision between supervised and unsupervised learning. For the sake of simplicity, this course will focus on the two extremes of this spectrum.

This course is an introduction to computer science and programming in Python. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Take a new computational problem and develop a plan to solve it through problem understanding and decomposition.

2. Follow a design creation process that includes specifications, algorithms, and testing.

3. Code, test, and debug a program in Python, based on your design.


The problem-solving online course comprises the content related to computer science and programing language. It includes the training process of ML, which is a software known as a model. It is used to predict the data set which is unseen and these predictions utilize in certain actions. It helps to predict the user’s behaviour and interest in a certain thing and respond according to the predictions. The course purpose is to discussed and prescribed the ML problems and their solutions. The course main focus is on the broader field of problem-solving. With these candidates get the chance to learn problem-solving online and enhance the capabilities to understand and solve effectively.  

Career growth

The problem-solving tutorials are readily available for help and people usually learn from them. But with the course, a person gets a chance to learn the professional skills that play an important role in the professional field. A person can get a chance to:

·        Understand the problem and easily be able to do its decomposition

·        Take up to a problem conceptualization and develop an effective plan to overcome it.

·        A person will be able to design the specifications and algorithm, as well as be able to run the testing.

·        Code, testing, debugging and all other programs issues are based on the design, and with the problem-solving course, a person will be able to learn and find out well.   

The problem-solving online course is designed to provide detailed knowledge about the ML problem-solving methods and model. It covers all the aspects related to building design, diagnoses the possible issues with the design and how to figure out the issue and debugging methods to successfully run the program. For the candidates who are interested to learn advanced methods and raise the programing knowledge and practical implication, this problem-solving online course is the best opportunity. Candidate not only enrols but also learn problem-solving online with the professional and real-time industrial expert. In the course outline methods, solutions, programming information and problem-solving tutorials are also incorporated that all are provided to candidates with the online sessions. Now the learning is smart and easy with online problem-solving tutorials. 

Professional outcomes

A candidate who is interested to learn problem-solving online course will have to register with this program and get the benefits from the content. The course content is highly comprehensive and covers almost every aspect includes:

·        Common ML terms and their definition

·        Products examples and their description that use ML and general methods of ML problem solving

·        Identification of the problem and its solution with ML

·        Comparison and contrast of ML with other programming methods

·        Application of hypothesis testing method and other scientific methods for ML problems

·        Conversions about the ML problem-solving methods

Get yourself register!

The problem-solving online course will not just an opportunity to learn about ML programming but also helps to find out the problems in methods. As well as provide all possible solutions to find out ML problems and its solution with the application of the scientific method. So, rush and get yourself registered with the course and learn problem-solving online.


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0 Rs

What You Will Learn

Data Science is a dynamic and fast growing field at the interface of Statistics and Computer Science. The emergence of massive datasets containing millions or even billions of observations provides the primary impetus for the field. Such datasets arise, for instance, in large-scale retailing, telecommunications, astronomy, and internet social media. This course will emphasize practical techniques for working with large-scale data. Specific topics covered will include statistical modeling and machine learning, data pipelines, programming languages, "big data" tools, and real world topics and case studies. The use of statistical and data manipulation software will be required. Course intended for non-quantitative graduate-level disciplines. This course will not count towards degree requirements for graduate programs such as Statistics, Computer Science, or Data Science. Students should inquire with their respective programs to determine eligibility of course to count towards minimum degree requirements. This course does not fulfill any major requirements for undergraduate degree programs offered by Computer Science.

Course Description 


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Introduction to Block Chain
0 Rs

Introduction to blockchain

Blockchain is the more secure and reliable form of record keeping. A growing list of records in multiple blocks links each other in a chain. An open distribution ledger commonly helps in crypto payments. For the crypto currencies and exchange, blockchain is the integral part that keeps the procedure secure and reliable. To make changes in one block it is necessary to access the whole network and make changes in the whole series that seems impossible for a hacker to access in one place.

Blockchain online course is the key for you to learn the basic skill that will help you to master the art of constructing blockchain. It is one of the reliable and secure options to store and transmit data. The course by Onajah is one of its own kind blockchain courses for beginners. It starts with all the basic details to ensure you will get the maximum benefit from the overall blockchain online certification.

Get the ultimate skill

In the recent times, technology is the ultimate key to success. An ever-growing profession will help you to have a secure future as well. All you need is to ensure that you will have the right skills for that. Blockchain online course is the key to your ultimate skill. In the block chain technology online certification, you will be able to understand the basics of blockchain and get into the minor details as well. Other than getting the basics, the course offers you the professional experience and skill development. It will ensure you to mark a better job in the marketplace.

Professional outcomes

Best blockchain online courses are the key to ultimate success if you want to have the ultimate professional growth. All you need is to start with the blockchain online course for beginners initially and then you can proceed towards the advanced skills as well. In the blockchain online certification we get you are covered with all the latest skills that are necessary. After getting the blockchain online course, you will be able to:

·        Work as a blockchain developer

·        Troubleshooting

·        Developing strictures

·        Understanding issues

·        Improvisation in blockchain setup

·        Moving forward for the advanced programing options

Blockchain online course is designed in a way to help you in getting a better professional placement. You can work in crypto firms or can develop a system of your own. For secure payment system, blockchain is the future and will get you maximum benefits.

The right time for you

If you want to secure your future then it is the right time for you to pick up the best blockchain online courses. The right and wise selection of Blockchain technology online certification will save you time, money and give you the best skills in response. All you need is to assess the best features and get the start today.

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 Do not waste time and register yourself for the best blockchain online course right now. It will get you the benefits more than you expect from any online course. 



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Learn Quick Books

Accounting these days is more of a practical job with some advanced technologies. For all the accounting and finance graduations, it is necessary to learn quick book. It is one of the ultimate accounting software that makes the job easy. Record keeping in the manual books is an old fashion. To make things quick and easily conclusive software is a major help for the professionals.

What is quick book?

Quick book is well-packed accounting software that helps in efficient and effective account keeping. In all the leading firms and even small businesses, the software is in demand. It is one of the essentials when any graduate interview for the job. A person without knowledge of QuickBooks or such software is not a preference for the hiring authorities. The QuickBooks online course seems to be an opportunity for all the graduates and students to learn the best skills.

This text is prepared and designed for the training of Finance and Commerce Graduates who are looking for Job in Accounts and Finance profession. Especially those graduates who are not aware of the practical approach & unaware of Accounting Softwares used in several organizations. Nowadays, every Accounts and Finance graduate should have the skill to operate accounting software. So, this training will help you out a lot in understanding the practical approach of business and its operations and how accounting software would help you to carry out your job effectively and efficiently. Consequently, your career growth will go to the right place.

  1. Introduction

  2. About QuickBooks

  3. Basic Accounting Principle

  4. Start QuickBooks

    1. What information is required before they set up a QuickBooks file

    2. How to start a new company data file in QuickBooks (Express Start and Advanced

      Setup formerly called the Easy Step Interview)

  5. Understanding the Environment of Q.B

  6. General Ledger (G/L) Module

    1. Planning the Chart of Accounts

    2. Creating Accounts and Subaccounts

    3. Working with Accounts

  7. Inventory Module

    1. Create Item List and Sub-Items (i.e. Inventory Part, Non-Inventory Part, Services,

      Other Charge, Sub-Item and Sales Tax etc.)

    2. Add / Edit Multiple Items

    3. Unit of Measure

    4. Purchases Orders

    5. Sales Orders

    6. Received Inventory with/without Bill

    7. Adjust Inventory due to Shrinkage, Theft and Lost by Fire and rectify inventory

      entries etc.

    8. Find a previous inventory adjustment

  8. Customer / Account Receivable Module

    1. Customer Information (Customer Center, Add New Customer & Job, Delete, Edit &

      Merge Customer, Add / Edit Multiple Customers)

    2. Invoicing Customers (Estimates or Quotations, Create Invoice, void or delete an

      invoice, Credit Memo, Print Customer Invoice, Access Finance Charge etc.)

    3. Customer Payments (Sales Receipt, Receive Payment against Invoice, Payment Received in Advance, Allow Discounts & Credits, Refunds & Bad Debts, Receive


      Professional outcomes

      The accounting software training is based on complete professional outcomes with some solid practical references. The course is followed by an internship that can lead you to a permanent placement. Furthermore, you have multiple options to crack out there:

      ·        Professional accounting officer

      ·        Instructor for Quick books

      ·        Placement at the finance company

      Who should take it?

      For the quick book course, there are no certain limitations with age and qualification. Anyone with the accounting and finance background can double up the skill and have many better growth opportunities in the field. Someone with no such background can access the course for a good start in the field and have the exceptional skill to bag a job in a new job market.

      How to enrol in course

      The enrolment procedure of quick book training is not tricky. You can register yourself online and have to provide all the necessary details and documents. The evaluation of documents and details will lead to confirmation and you can join up the course in the upcoming session. The selection criterion is simple and every applicant has the opportunity to be the part of the session.

      Get yourself registered

      You can register for the quick book course online course right now. Get to know the course opening and plan up a wonderful future in the field. It can be a good start to have the ultimate skillset for the latest and unconventional methods of accounting. Considering the need of latest technology and advanced employment scenario, it is necessary to take a step forward. Get yourself register now for the upcoming session of the course.

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Theory of Computation
0 Rs

Theory of computation

These days’ computers are at their best and most of the times it is being used in combination to mathematics. It is necessary to deal with equations, matters and problems in combination. It helps to have the best of outcomes and solutions. The theory of computation online course is the ultimate solution for advanced problem solving and increasing a computer’s efficiency.

What is the theory of computation?

Theory of computation is a combination of mathematics and computer sciences. It helps to solve the complex problems and equations using an algorithm. To handle the mega data, calculations, computation and calculation in server development, app development and complex coding TOC is the ultimate guide. In the future, TOC is the ultimate key for efficient and brilliant system software. You can learn the online theory of computation to have the ultimate knowledge about the future. It is your way to explore the best. Computational techniques for discovering/processing several types of combinatorial objects are also of interest, such as network design (via algebraic and ad-hoc graph constructions) and utilisation of fixed-parameter techniques such as bounded pathwidth/ treewidth for coping with hard "real-world" problems

Theory of computation online course is a composite and complete course that helps to learn everything about computing. It makes things easy for the learner to understand and sort out the real-world problems. The course revolves around network design, network understanding, knowing the basics and practising the innovation. It involves the following phases:

Theoretical introduction

Concept clarity about the basics

Leading to advance knowledge

Practising concepts and theory

Innovating statements

Practical projects and internships

The course helps a student to excel in the theory of computation and achieve the best skills that can help him in the professional field.

Professional outcomes

A computer is a future and there will be a need for advanced computing. Theory of computation is the need for the future, as it will help in making a real difference in everything. The course is your first step towards the future and prepares your way for advance career opportunities. The skill ensures one of the best and refined jobs for the participant. Other than the field out there, course internship helps you to approach organizations and have the permanent placement as well.  

Who should take it?

As far as it is a bit technical and complex course, so the students and professionals with a mathematics and computers background are ideal. It will be easier for them to understand the concepts quickly and improve the theories for innovation. As a whole, anyone with an interest is good to take the course. There are no certain limitations or qualification for the course.

How to enrol in course

The enrollment procedure for the theory of computation online course is quite simple and online as well. You need to fill up the details in available form with relevant documents. After evaluation, there will be confirmation correspondence with you via information, you provide.

Get yourself registered

You have the best chance to register for the Theory of computation tutorial online. By sitting in your space, you can easily learn maximum things about computation and technology. It will boost your skills for good. Moreover, you can bag up the best opportunities in life. Therefore, be hurry and register for the next session.  

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Youtube Star

YouTube star

YouTube is now not just a way to get the information or entertainment, it is a platform to earn money and become famous. People are too much into YouTube channels to directly deliver entertaining and informative content with the audience and get famous. It is an ongoing beneficial business for the video makers, artists, influencers, models and business owners as well. Onajah is presenting the YouTube star online course to deliver knowledge and information to learn how to make YouTube stars. Through this offering, you can understand how the YouTube algorithm works and you can get set up your content to become famous on social media.

Now the YouTube learn online course is available with the comprehensive course outline. This provides information about setting up the business and learning how to monetized the social content to raise the earning. YouTube is not just a platform to upload video-related content, it provides offers to earn money with these online video content. This online YouTube course will cover up the content start with the YouTube channel, video making, uploading, how to optimize these videos to get maximum like and views and till go to the monetization procedure and guidance. The expert team and professional instructor will guide all about the YouTube policies, payment methods, restrictions and YouTube earning in just one course. It is beneficial for the knowledge as well as for becoming the YouTube star. 

Setting up your YouTube channel and management Monetization of video Creating a content plan and creating videos Marketing on YouTube (YouTube SEO) How to grow and gain audience Growing your business and sales If you are a Digital Marketers, Video marketers, Artists, singers, models, content producers, Business owners, Influencers so Youtube marketing course at ONAJAH. Best course for Youtube earning course online.

An online YouTube earning course online is available and this course will teach you the creation of Google Ad Sense account, set up and applying for YouTube monetization. You will also come to know the YouTube rules and regulations with minimum requirements of different online payments methods and plans and you will also come to know that how to verify your address and how to deal with Affiliate Marketing and Sponsor Ads.

Here we are giving you big good news now you can start earning money by enrolling in YouTube earning course online. Now make many useful videos on YouTube under our supervision. We can teach you about the history, different types of channels on YouTube and setting up your channels. You will also learn the basics of videos and its types. Videos are nothing without a story, if you don’t have a brief knowledge of stories then it will be more difficult to earn from YouTube but you not need to be worried you will learn also about the stories and scripts at our platform.

Amazing platform for YouTube training course in Pakistan. As we aim to provide the best YouTube training course in Lahore so you will also learn YouTube Search Engine Optimization by using search tags for YouTube videos and channels. We will also provide training about the latest trends. You will also learn how to use SEO for YouTube community. At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own successful YouTube channel. You will get more views and subscribers and you will be able to start working with different brands. Our YouTube training course in Lahore is best for learning and training with a full practical approach.

Course outline

Learn how to made YouTube star is a remarkable course with the real-time training that provides the best content information, as well as techniques on how to optimize YouTube with the search engine to raise audience engagement. The content of the course is as follows:

·        Introduction to YouTube

·        How to start a YouTube channel?

·        How to plan?

·        Videography

·        SEO

·        Advance video making

·        YouTube monetization   

Who can enrol in the course?

Learn YouTube online is an advanced course that offers the opportunity of understating and advance learning. Anyone who wants to learn online and have a good concept or content that can be an effective one to engage the public can enrol in this course. It is a comprehensive digital module that offers a way for the business person to expand and raise the business through the YouTube channel. This training course is specially designed for:

·        Digital social media marketers

·        Videomakers

·        Artists/singer/models

·        Influencers

·        Entrepreneurs

·        Business owners

·        Content producers

·        Bloggers or video bloggers

·        Or anyone who wants to learn about YouTube earning

Professional outcomes

In the professional field, the YouTube star online course will assist in building the content, and explore the area of video blogging and marketing. A person can start his or her own YouTube channel and with the right, SEO can enrol himself for the YouTube monetization. It is a way to expand its business profile and earn money online. For running a business, it is a chance to promote services, products, and direct customer interaction. YouTube is the face of digital marketing.

Get registration!


If you are looking for the right course to learn how to become a YouTube star and start earning through YouTube. Then enrol yourself online with the onajah this YouTube star online course now. Have you ever thought of being a star or social media influencer then youtube is the best place for being a star but first you need guidance for this so our Youtube marketing course in Lahories available for you
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Python Flask
2599 Rs

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for the Python programming language on Onajah.com Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! 

This course will teach you Python in a practical manner, with every lecture comes a full coding screencast and a corresponding code notebook! Learn in whatever manner is best for you!

We will start by helping you get Python installed on your computer, regardless of your operating system, whether its Linux, MacOS, or Windows, we've got you covered!

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Command Line Basics
  • Installing Python
  • Running Python Code
  • Strings
  • Lists 
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Number Data Types
  • Print Formatting
  • Functions
  • Scope
  • args/kwargs
  • Built-in Functions
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Modules
  • External Modules
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • File I/O
  • Advanced Methods
  • Unit Tests
  • and much more!


So what are you waiting for? Learn Python in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.
  • Programmers switching languages to Python.
  • Intermediate Python programmers who want to level up their skills!
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Application Programming Interface (API Online Course)
0 Rs

How to write an API in different languages?

Application programming interface refers to a set of protocols, tools and routines to build software applications. Without using this interface, you are unable to get started with the basics of application development. Creating API is not a difficult job but when you are working on multiple loops of an application created on different codes then it is hard to synchronize the interface. It is quite impossible to difficult to synchronize the codes from different programming languages into one language. It is one of the major issues programmers have to face in their job.

The API online courses explaining the way out of the problem by letting you learn writing API in different languages. It is not necessary for you to write them in one language but you can have command in many other languages. It can help you in so many ways to flourish your career and professional exposure.

Your way to coder-friendly interface

By getting the API online training you will be able to explore multiple API languages and its formation as well. It will lead you to the coder-friendly interface where you can actually write some codes that makes programming easier for you. The API learning for beginners is essential as it helps them to have a better understating of the interface, its construction and uses in multiple languages.

Infuse modification

The API online courses are actually designed for the qualified bachelors and intermediate level students as well. Its core purpose is to infuse the advancement in the overall programming field. The API learning for beginners enables them to explore the multiple possibilities and infused dimensions of API in multiple languages. Conventionally, it seems to be impossible to connect two different languages as one in order to write an API. However, excellence and the advance level API online courses are making it possible. Using all the intensive exploration and practice these courses helps the students to learn technique and improvise the overall programming functions. The courses are designed to make these terminologies easier and relatable for the students.

Professional outcomes

API online courses are not only ideal for your advanced learning but get you so many professional benefits as well. The API courses in Pakistan are limited in number but come up with so many professional outcomes. You can have the following major learning from the API online Training:

·        Understand about multiple coding languages

·        Learning API interface

·        Practices API in multiple languages

·        Getting hands-on experience of the coder-friendly interface

·        Infusing multiple codes and experiences the ultimate changes

·        Excelling in overall programming

·        Producing coding files that are remote and easy to use

·        Easy job placements

·        Better professional growth

·        More chances of advancements

Register now!

You can register yourself for the API online Training now by following some easy steps. The eligibility requirement for the API courses in Pakistan is just limited to your exposure to coding and programming. Students from the intermediate and even specialization degree can have enrollment in API online courses.


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0 Rs

Learn to freelance and earn money

Freelancing online course is the real hype in town that comes with an ultimate opportunity to have the best of earning and career opportunity. Freelancers are in demand these days as a number of independent freelancer platforms are offering online freelancing jobs. It helps the career aspiring candidates to have the best future and bag some easily available jobs. Freelancing is the future that will provide and still provide a number of people an open-source to earn money easily.

The online freelancing training is necessary to understand the concept of a freelancer and know its basics. If you plan to do, something blind then it will not be possible to hit the right results. The freelancing online course will help you to know about the basics of freelancing and have a grip on it. 

Your access to ultimate career

The leading companies these days prefer to hire the freelancers for exclusive jobs. It lets them save a lot of money and have better performance. Therefore, freelancing is an ever-growing market and getting basic and advance training is helpful for young talent.

The online freelance course in Urdu lets you know the basics of freelancing and introduce you to the global world of freelancing. The online freelancing training focused around the ultimate tools and important guidelines for the freelance world. It lets you explore the necessary options and then make their best use. The course introduces you to the skills of client management, managing workflow, keep growing and improving overall services and making stronger and better professional liaison.

Professional outcomes

The professional outcomes of the freelancing online course are unlimited. It will be a total win situation for you to have this freelancing course in Urdu.

·        Complete understating of freelancing as a term

·        Introduction to the freelancing world

·        Complete knowledge and grip on freelancing platforms

·        Training to know and improve your skills

·        Maintaining a freelancer profile

·        Attracting clients and make them stick to your work

·        Introducing skills and defining limitations

·        Pitching for the right price

·        Tips for life long improvement in freelance career

·        Ultimate freelance career build-up

·        Well composed freelance profile

·        Guaranteed freelance projects and clients

·        Internships and experience drills

·        Managing progress and make improvements

The online freelancing training is an overall coverage of topics and practical related to freelancing. It connects you to all the progression and development stages to make things better for you.

Register yourself now!

Freelancing online course is a power pack for you at any stage. No matter if, you have just started high school or got the graduation degree. The freelancing course in Urdu will let you know the ways to improve your employment opportunities and get better professional exposure. All you need is to get register for the freelancing online course immediately. It seems to be a short term but well-composed and appropriate training course. It covers all the dimensions and ensures you to have an established freelance profile.



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Advance Artificial Intelligence Online Course
4999 Rs

Advance artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the latest and advanced technologies in the field of information technology and computer, it helps to understand about machine intelligence. An artificial creation by using the design and systems together and integrate the working just like human intelligence. Advance artificial intelligence online courses provide the opportunity to not only learn but also understand the system, problems and get its solutions. We are living in an era of technology where artificial intelligence changing the way of using technology and its societal integration.   

Onajah is working on the incorporation and introduction of the effective and informative course outline to provide knowledge and expertise to individuals. You can now learn advance artificial intelligence online and interpret the knowledge in problem-solving and interpretation as well. a person will be able to not only explore the sequence of actions, problems in the algorithm as well as get an understanding of how the algorithm works. The course will provide knowledge on the space search and helps to get its understanding which makes problem-solving easy.   

Informed Search

  • A search using domain-specific knowledge.
  • Suppose that we have a way to estimate how close a state is to the goal, with an evaluation function.
  • General strategy: expand the best state in the open list first. It's called a best-first search or ordered the state-space search.
  • In general, the evaluation function is imprecise, which makes the method a heuristic (works well in most cases).
  • The evaluation is often based on empirical observations.

Learning Out Comes 

  • A search problem consists of:
    • A State Space. Set of all possible states where you can be.
    • A Start State. The state where the search begins.
    • A Goal Test. A function that looks at the current state returns whether or not it is the goal state.
  • The Solution to a search problem is a sequence of actions, called the plan that transforms the start state to the goal state.
  • This plan is achieved through search algorithms.

So far we have talked about the uninformed search algorithms which looked through search space for all possible solutions to the problem without having any additional knowledge about search space. But informed search algorithm contains an array of knowledge such as how far we are from the goal, path cost, how to reach to the goal node, etc. This knowledge help agents to explore less to the search space and find more efficiently the goal node.

The informed search algorithm is more useful for large search space. The informed search algorithm uses the idea of heuristic, so it is also called Heuristic search.

Heuristics function: Heuristic is a function which is used in Informed Search, and it finds the most promising path. It takes the current state of the agent as its input and produces the estimation of how close agent is from the goal. The heuristic method, however, might not always give the best solution, but it guaranteed to find a good solution in a reasonable time. Heuristic function estimates how close a state is to the goal. It is represented by h(n), and it calculates the cost of an optimal path between the pair of states. The value of the heuristic function is always positive.

Who can enrol?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer sciences, so the person having the background education related to a computer can enrol him or herself in the course. The institution offers the best instructor and professionals to provide in-depth real-time knowledge. So, a person will be able to master in artificial intelligence. You can get the opportunity to learn Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course in Urdu as well. so, for those who have a language problem now do not be reluctant. It can raise the understating level even much better for the individuals.  

Professional outcomes

Advanced artificial intelligence is the new era of technology. It is an emphasis on the building or creation of a system or a machine that works like human intelligence. Means incorporate the problem-solving technique or behaviours and much more than that. Robots and the latest machinery who gives the answers or solutions to the respective problems are built over the concept of artificial intelligence.

After doing the course a person will be able to serve as a master in advance artificial intelligence and can build a system as well. this also offers the knowledge to understand the search space and locate the problem. The course incorporated the latest techniques, algorithm and additional knowledge about the goal, path, and nodes. 

Get registered!

Learn advanced artificial intelligence online with Onajah and be a master in advanced artificial intelligence. It is a knowledgeable opportunity for individuals to enrol in the advanced artificial intelligence course online that is also available in the Urdu version. So, hurry and get your registration now! 

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React VR-Websites
3000 Rs

The course turned into designed to educate the students about the latest technology for developing VR web sites and the perfect manner to make a begin in designing such websites. The easiest era that a developer or a amateur to use to make VR websites is the  advanced with the aid of any web browser. Although this generation is at an early level, it's miles slowly gaining popularity. But it would require greater developers to use it and build web sites with the era which will similarly broaden a scientific layout method.

The first segment is about using react and building on numerous tags to offer the scholar to understanding and abilities to apprehend and use varioius gadgets on a VR scene. In the following sections , you will study easy animations and use of cursors.  This might be accompanied with the aid of lectures on how to use ReactJs for VR.

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Ethical Hacking
3999 Rs


Ethical hacking

Computer and its usage are common and most of our activities are associated with technology and its usage. Being a student of software, computer sciences it is essential to learn computer problems, hacking tactics and solving skills. Ethical hacking and its learning not just improve the work efficiency and make access easy for the users.  

 What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is the form that evolves from the hacking but in a disciplinary manner. With the knowledge and skills of ethical hacking, a person will be able to overcome the possible threats and security concerns. An ethical hacker can easily identify all possible challenges that can affect computer performance and network issues.

Onajah is offering the course through which a person can learn ethical hacking course online course. The purpose of the course is to communicate all possible techniques that can make the usage more secure. A person will be able to learn how to overcome server related issues and prevent the business from a certain loss. In the course a person can get the comprehensive knowledge on the denial of services, how is attack the performance and the ways through which it is easy to overcome and get solution against such attacks. The online course provides education as well as training that is led by the professional tutors and experts, a person who enrols can learn ethical hacking online course in Urdu as well.

DOS is an attack used to deny legitimate users access to a resource such as accessing a website, network, emails, etc. or making it extremely slow. DoS is the acronym for Denial of Service. This type of attack is usually implemented by hitting the target resource such as a web server with too many requests at the same time. This results in the server failing to respond to all the requests. The effect of this can either be crashing the servers or slowing them down. Cutting off some business from the internet can lead to significant loss of business or money. The internet and computer networks power a lot of businesses. Some organizations such as payment gateways, e-commerce sites entirely depend on the internet to do business. In this course, we will introduce you to what denial of service attack is, how it is performed, Analysis and how you can protect against such attacks.

  • Dedicated DDoS Expert: Education and training courses are lead by DDoS experts that have real-world experience in DDoS attacks. These experts are well versed in writing DDoS attack software and have extensive experience in helping organizations defend themselves against attacks.

Who this course is for

  • Network Engineers

  • Web administrators

  • Penetration Testers

  • IT Security Specialists

  • Anybody who wants to learn DDoS!

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to DoS & DDoS

    1. Dos/DDOS Concept Understanding

    2. Case study

    3. Latest Trends

    4. Categories of Dos and DDOs Attacks

    5. Quiz

  2. Understand multiple attacking techniques

    1. Top 5 Techniques for Real Life Attacks

    2. Quiz

  3. Understand the latest strategies

    1. Multi Layer Attacks

    2. Layer 2 Attacks

    3. Layer 3 Attacks

    4. Layer 7 Attacks

    5. Quiz

  4. Understand botnet networks

    1. Criminal Organization Chart and Understanding

    2. Types of Botnet Attacks

    3. Ecosystem of Botnet

    4. Top 10 Botnets used in Dos and DDos attacks

    5. Botnet Frameworks Understanding

    6. Quiz

  5. Implement windows based Dos and DDos Attacking tools

    1. Top 15 Attacking Tools

    2. Quiz

  6. Implement Linux based Dos and DDOS Attacking tools

    1. Top 10 Attacking Tools In Kali Linux

    2. Understand Multiple Dos and DDos Attacking Frameworks

    3. Understand Advance Searching Methods for Dos and DDos Attacks

    4. Quiz

  7. Implement Android based Dos and DDos Attacking tools

    1. Top 10 Attacking Tools

    2. Quiz

  8. Understand multiple Methods and Techniques to analysis and successful detection of Real life Dos and DDos Attacks

    1. Top 3 Detection and Analysis Techniques

    2. Quiz

  9. Implement Dos and DDos Protection methods

    1. Understanding of DDos Protection Methods and Techniques

    2. Top 10 Tools used to Prevent Dos and DDos Attacks

    3. Hardware based protection Devices

    4. Quiz

  10. Understand Dos and DDos Countermeasures

    1. Understanding to Dos and DDos Attack Penetration Report

    2. Job Opportunities and Mitigations

      Professional outcomes

      After the completion of the course, a person can serve as a professional ethical hacker in e-commerce institutions or business, to find out system and network issues and provide quick solutions against them.

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      Onajah offers a comprehensive ethical hacking course online for professionals and anybody who want to learn DoS and DDoS. So, hurry and get yourself enrol ethical hacking course online


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What you will learn

1.Basic concepts SAP & ERP, Master Data Concept, Lead Concept etc.

2.Basic Navigation in SAP Business One

3.Modes in SAP Business One

4.How to Search a data in SAP Business One

5.Business Partners Master Data (With Basic Configuration)

6.Item Master Data (With Basic Configuration)


Purchase- A/P Process

1.Purchase Quotation

2.Purchase Order

3.Goods Receipt PO / GRN / MRN

4.Goods Return

5.A/P Invoice

6.A/P Credit Memo

7.Outgoing Payment / Account Payable Payment


Sales- A/R Process

1.Sales Quotation

2.Sales Order

3.Delivery Note / Delivery Challan

4.Sales Return

5.A/R Invoice

6.A/R Credit Memo

7.Incoming Payment / Accounts Receivable Payment


Sales- A/R Extended

1.Managing Documents in draft

2. Allow and Restrict Partial Delivery

3. Creating Purchase order from sales order

4. Invoice booking Using Service Layout

5. Cash Invoice (Invoice + Payment)

6. Redeliveries

7. Draw Document Wizard

8. A/R down Payment Invoice

9. A/R Reserve Invoice

10. Independent A/R Invoice and Its effect on Books of Accounts

11. Sales Reports

Purchase - A/P Extended

1. Managing Documents in Drafts in A/P Module

2. Creating Single Target document from multiple base documents in A/P and A/R Module

3. Concept of “Available and in stock Quantity” and its effects on Inventory management

4. A/P down Payment Invoice

5. A/P Reserve Invoice

6. A/P Invoice Booking using Service Layout

7. Purchase Reports


Business Partners


1.Business Partner Master Data

2.Business Partners Default Configurations

3.Overview of payment terms and dunning procedures

4.Activities Management

5.Business Partner reports


Sales Opportunities

1.How to deal with Sales Opportunities in SAP Business One

2.Converting Lead into Customer

3.Sales Opportunities Reports


Item & Inventory Management

1.Difference between Item and Inventory (Concept)

2.Item Master Data (With full configuration)

3.Bar codes in Item Master data


Item Management

1.Item Management with Serial Numbers

2.Item Management with Batches

3.Alternate Items

4.Inventory Valuation Methods (FIFO, Moving Average and Standard)


Inventory transactions

1.Goods Receipts

2.Goods Issue

3.Inventory Transfer Request

4.Inventory Transfer

5.Inventory Counting Transactions

6.Inventory Revaluation

7.Inventory Cycle


Pricing & Price List

1.Basic Price List in SAP Business one

2.Period and Volume Discount

3.Discount Groups

4.Special Prices for Business Partners

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Ayesha Sayeen Silver Beautician Course
65,000/-RS Rs

You will get to:

  • Improve your business
  • Be a successful makeup artist
  • Choose your area of expertise
  • Develop your dealing skills with clients
  • Know the aspect of the foundation
  • Methods mixing foundation
  • Experience new products
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Robotics Future in Pakistan

Future of Robotics in Pakistan 

The world of Robotics is a budding industry in Pakistan. Many private associations, colleges, newly established organizations and consultants are contributing in Robotics from the basics to cutting edge level. This mechanical technology is being instructed as a subject in various open and private scholastic organizations, alongside a few research think-tanks that have been shaped for R&D in Robotics.

R&D (Research and Development)

R&D remains a key region for progression of any field. Analyst groups and the scholars in general in Pakistan is effectively taking part in research and advancement in Robotics. Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) is likewise supporting exploration in Robotics through subsidizing R&D ventures. Following activities have been supported with aggregate spending plan of around Rs.68million;

Advancement of Tele-Surgical Training Robot and Simulator

Al-Zahrawi, a training robot and test system created in the undertaking, is for the laparoscopic medical procedure, as of now under advancement at the NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in a joint effort with Holy Family Hospital, Pakistan. This supported undertaking is basically engaged towards building up a financially savvy answer for preparing specialists for ordinary and mechanically helped MIS techniques.

The undertaking was finished in 2014 and from that point forward it has verified different national and worldwide honors from specialized and business networks. The venture has a potential for commercialization as it is one of its sort model that has been created and tried in the genuine condition additionally the test system is savvy in correlation with other accessible mentor/test systems in market.

Final Year Projects

Notwithstanding research and improvement, college understudies are additionally concentrating on mechanical technology in their last year ventures. From 2014 to 2016 Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) endorsed 61 last year ventures for financing identified with mechanical technology under the program 'National Grassroots ICT Research Initiatives' with totaled spending plan of Rs.5.3 million.

A few thoughts for mechanical applications can be produced from these last year extends and can be changed over into manageable new businesses. Mentorship, organizing and different offices will likewise be given to them to take their item further and at a later stage showcase effort and access to financial specialists like heavenly attendant speculators/VC assets can be presented for commercialization.


These newly established companies are another crucial main aspect of mechanical technology contributing new ideas for the industry These new businesses are housed in various incubators, focusing or working freely; few of them are;

·      LearnoBots

·      Grit3D

·      Edvon

Ejaadtech, designing and innovation startup, is creating keen gadgets for the purchaser showcase, beginning with a toy vehicle which gives intuitive interactivity and a one of a kind vivid playing experience. The toy intends to take the kids back to playing with genuine physical toys rather than the on-screen applications that they have gotten so used to.

Smaller scale Power Labs is an innovation development organization concentrated on making cutting edge gadgets and contraptions for everyday use. Their first starting item is Flash Pack, which is a Power Bank that energizes in only a short way from workstation charger and packs up enough squeeze to goes on for entire day. Aside from power banks, Micropower Labs innovation has numerous applications in gadgets like portable medicinal contraption, conveyance rambles, and so on.

DIY Geeks is utilizing innovation simple for a normal individual. DIY Geek is offering four sorts of administrations, Geek Hangout; it is a network session directed in their Makerspace where individuals learn as a network and advancing community oriented learning in Pakistan. DIY Things; it is Pakistan's first open source IoT improvement stage where you can picture your information and control your machines. DIY Nest; it is an activity to create Makerspaces in Schools. This is finished by offering instructional exercise sessions and creating workstations at the schools and universities. DIY for Her; it is an activity for ladies strengthening.

At this level, access to market and seed cash to these new companies would open up the chances of item institutionalization, changing from model to mass level creation and commercialization.

STEM Learning center

STEM represents Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, there are not many STEM learning focuses set up in Pakistan giving learning and training administrations to youthful understudies.

KIET Robotics Club

Robokids; is an activity to give STEM instruction benefits in Pakistan. It is first of its sort Robotics focus in Lahore that gives a certifiable Robotics lab condition. It targets giving youngsters the chance, devices and direction to help assist their adapting, particularly in STEM related fields, and gives them a stage to express their ability and inventiveness. Robokids gives youngsters fun and inventive learning through intelligent hands-on involvement under the direction of specialists in Robotics, Games Programming, Electronics and Mathematics.

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Vector Artificial Intelligence Robot for Kids

Anki has been making toys that utilization engineered knowledge throughout recent years, starting with the Anki Overdrive set of dashing vehicles and the intuitive Cozmo toy robot, anyway this year the association discharged its most extreme impressive item: Vector. Not at all like Cozmo, Vector isn't any toy, and is fairly situated as a residential robot device. Vector receives skills from Cozmo, anyway his usefulness goes above and past the insights and games Cozmo is thought for. 

Design and Components

Vector is a palm-sized robotic that uses a similar standard plan as Cozmo, Anki's past robot toy. Vector is produced the usage of a darkish plastic cloth and he has a frame that is loaded up with unique sensors and hardware to identify and react to the earth around him. It has four wheels canvassed in tank-fashion steps that permit him to navigate smooth floors and mats alike, a transportable the front arm that offers him a threat to communicate along with his three-D form and adds to his distinctive articulations. Vector is intended to have bluff location, and they never again positive if this moreover utilizes the advanced camera, yet I had many issues with it even after a product program update expected to improve the trademark. Vector does commonly affirm with edges which can be level, however on a table that is marginally bended, he persistently jump bombs to the ground. 

With such sensitive hardware interior, people worried about tumbles off of the edges of tables should motive irreversible damage. They use to maintain Vector at the floor, that's through all accounts the most comfortable spot for him. Obviously, at the floor, he will get dust, puppy hide, and distinct particulates in his tracks. They didn't experience difficulty getting bits of residue and cushion out of his tracks, but, on the grounds that they're pliable.


Vector is a self-ruling robot, so whilst you can associate with him, you can not manipulate him. There is a Vector utility for watching Vector and locating out pretty a good deal the majority of his practices, but there are no controls inner said application. Indeed, next to setting Vector up with the iOS utility (or Android software) you need not trouble with a mobile cellphone in any respect to cooperate with him in any ability. Vector's arrangement is moderately easy with an iPhone. You need to down load the utility, flip him on, and make certain there's a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi set up available. Vector needs a 2.4GHz system and won't interface with a 5GHz system, which may be somewhat of a trouble.



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Inauguration ceremony Onajah.com

A new mile stone of Research and Technology in field of Education & Study has been started, to change the future of Pakistan in Study & Research. Ceremony was held in Maisonette Hotel, on 18 July 2019, Ceremony was Recieved by CEO Onajah.com Mr Muhammad Dawood, Welcome to Our Honorable Guest CEO PNY Mr Wahab Yunus, Director PNY Mr Suleman , CEO Ignite Mr M Yousaf, CEO Premier Institution Mr M Asim.

Recieved By 

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